freedom 2000
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in flight ...
Here are the first flights of the Freedom2000 ... A simple click to zoom in full screen !

in flight and in movies ...
(reverse take off, normal flight, vertical reverse flight, crash landing and take off ... : Quicktime 3,9 MB) 

Cerfvolantissimo 2001
April 2001 Cap d'Agde : meeting with strange animals... A simple click to zoom in full screen mode !
cross eyes with a giant octopus ...: 
Teddy bear of the Team Kheops ... would like a new tie !

Freedom2000 scale 1/3
May 2001 for the birthday of my son  Hervé (9 years old) I have built a "baby Freedom".
Easy : just divide all the measurements by 3 and you get this ... A simple click to zoom in full screen mode !
Precisely scale 1/3. 
So it's very small !
It's very fast to pilot and it requires a lot of wind :  4 and more...there is no limit, it never breaks !
Hervé pilots the kite. Those who think that a 4 lines kite is difficult to pilot are wrong ...

good addresses ...
How to pilot a revo : Revolution

four lines by Miznet :

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