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Here is a series of link all related to  Nasa ParaWing
if you know some other, let me know !

Here is the link to my friend  Bill Painter'  Bill  is NPW 'adicted". With him from Arizona, with Jacques Bayman from South Africa and with Tom from Canada, it was the birth of the excel spreadsheet. It was last 2002 summer, a great time over the net !
The site is in english, have a look it worths the visit !
Art&flyworks  Peter de Jong's famous site with Nasacalc software.
The site is in english, have a look it worths the visit !
and look carefully  bridling comparison before using Nasacalc bridles lengths !!!
Here is another english site where is explained  e-NPW building
It is the "nice way" for NPW building. 
nice "nice" but very time consuming !!!
Here a site in french which explains the original NPW building (the NASA's one).
Have a look it's very clear !
See also the profile comparison before using bridling lengths provided by  Michel Trouillet
Again a french site  les ailes du délire  !
You will find original Nasa ParaWing 5 plans, original bridling and a modified version of it 
This is the site whixj gave me the idea to "work" on profiles shapes.
 Tom's. homepage, my friend from Canada
Tom is an artist, he makes wonderful NPW  (I really like the one with the Canadian flag) !
He proposes, on his site, a well designed Nasa Para Wing calculator and a very useful "kite units converter"  (I must say that they are using so strange units on the other side of Ocean  -:) !
Stelios is a Greek, He is a "kites and technics" fanatic. Just go and see his homepage !
He is the first one who had the brilliant idea to add a third bridle to a NPW5 and so to discover NPW9b.
Mervin is from the States (Pensylvania). His home page "The joy of kites... building, flying, learning, sharing"
Tout ce que j'aime !
Go and see his site, he has built plenty of NPW (wonderful look) including the "sport car" NPW9b. A must see !