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 freedom's babies ...
Here are pictures of the Freedom 2000's  "children"  ... 

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and here you can see all of them on or on

The 30 first freedom2000 are below :

The first who "dared" was  Joergen ! It was on november 2000, 
Markus has built the first Finnish  freedom (Helsinki) on april 2001. A beautiful picture from Northern countries !

and many more on his site :

Bob did the first english release on july 2001.
to face this international success, I have been obliged to translate my site freedom2000 in english !
Evert built this wonderful freedom from Netherlands on August  2001.
It's the first "curtains flight" of a freedom !
The first French is Gaël ! It was on August 2001 too.
Wim is the second one from Netherlands, always on August 2001 !
David : the first freedom made in USA  october 2001!

Qu'il est beau ! (it's the first one on the picture !)

David said : "A friend with a Rev 1.5 SLE says my kite flies much better than his, and he's right!" ! 

Merci "my Houston's friend" -:)

Umberto, in France, he built three freedoms : Great ! ...

and furthermore, they are all wondeful !

Umberto : second one !
Umberto : third on october 2001 !
Marc (still a French) did one on february 2002,
David (always a French) did also one on february 2002,
a very nice kite but a poor picture ...
Tom is the first freedom "made in Canada" it was in june 2002,
notice the "F2k"  logo !
Laurent still in june 2002 (one day after Tom !) made the first Freedom "des îles" : one made in Réunion's Island !
Alan, in England buit one still in June, and his daugther Jessica made this wonderful picture !
Dave is English, and here is what he wrote to me on july  2002 :

"Mon Freedom a vole!  Et il (elle?) a vole beaucoup mieux que j'avais espere.
Superbe!  Il est maintenant mon favori d'entre ma collection".
You can find pictures on  his site  (Thanks Dave)

Valentin is 15 ; he is a French. He built his Freedom on August 2002
Nicolas, still a French built also his Freedom on august 2002
Paul built one also on August 2002 !

He lives in Readings England... nice fence !

freedom' building is still going on :
october 2002.
Philippe, a French, built another !
Hermann, from Netherlands,  built one on october 2002.
Nice picture ! 
Bruno, built the first Freedom made in Portugal on november 2002
Pascal, still a French, built one also on november 2002
Emmanuel, still a French, sent me the first "studio" picture of a freedom !

Nice kite buit on november 2002 !

and, even better, here the same "by night"
just in front of Eiffel tower!
Peter, in England also, built his freedom in october 2002.
His homepage :
Steph, a French from Marseille, built a two colors  freedom.
He is on the picture !
But, sorry Steph, I never display builders, I do prefer kites  :-)
And here is the last one from 2002. Larry, a kite flyer friend,  built it in Canada.
I am really proud of this baby ! 
What for a look ! Much nicer than his father's -:)
Richard, in the Netherlands, buyilt the first 2003 freedom.
So nice flying above the sea :-)
Geoffroy, from Québec, built this nylon made freedom  (a material just a bit too soft...) it was in april 2003.
Vincent, a French, built his one on april 2003.
Merwin, is from the States Pennsylvania, he built his freedom on may 2003. Merwin is a kite fanatic Just jump to his home page to see more kites NPW links
Marc, a French from Seine et Marne did two freedom on september 2003 :

- a big one, very big,
- and a small one, very small :-)

Philippe, from Belgium, built this (really) beautiful freedom2000.
Bravo for the colors !
Francis did his freedom on october 2003
the Leading Edge is a bit too bended !!!
but it flies :-)