Nasa ParaWing

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Nasa Para Wing (model 5) is built with 7 panels, 
NPW cutting plan is very efficient as there is almost no scrap.
Example here after is directly extracted from the excel spreadsheet which allows to compute all measurements of the sail..

Download this software

Type "A" length ("Calculations" page, cell C9)

all other measures will be updated.


Length are provided without margins for the seams.

you must add :

  • 1,5 cm more each time there is a seam, ie : 
    • between panels 1 and 2,
    • between panels 3 and 4,
    • between panels 5 and 6,
    • between panels 6 and 7 (this an optionnal cutting if 6 and 7 panels have the same color),
    • between wings and main body.
  • 2 cm on the kite edges (to allow rolling a seam).
If you don't have Microsoft Excel, don't worry !
  • either you download Star Office for windows
  • either you just recompute all measurements for your sail size :
    • let A be the choosen value for your wing size
    • then all measurements are computed by : 
      • C' = C * A/150
      • example, for A = 100, D measure becomes D' = 106,07 * 100/150 = 70,71 cm 
    • this works also well fo bridling lengths
  • Even better : use the Nasa Para Wing bridling calculator. Software features :
    • choose kite dimension
    • compute profiles
    • choose brake and main lines
    • choose bridling mode (regular or cascade)
    • import/export of profiles
    • render your NPW in VRML

    Download Nasa Para Wing bridling calculator.exe (tested on Win95, 98 and ME, 71 kB zipped format))
    Download Visual Basic runtime  Vbrun60.exe (only needed if an error message "missing dll" occurs...)
    and if it is not enough, here are the dll : Vb6fr.dll and Msstdfmt.dll

This plan is fully identical to Peter de Jong's one provided on his site : Art & Flywork 
On this site, you will find  NASACALC software and another cutting plan
allowing to get a sail pattern like on the right picture.
e-NPW5 plan is then NOT belonging to myself, but rather to his proprietary.
The sail shape between the two plans is the same.
Just kite bridling is different and should be considered as  my own. You can use and distrubute it freely for private needs.
Anytime you want to use it for business purposes, please contact myself before.